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One comment on “Christmas in August? Episode 7

  1. Justin Sep 7, 2016

    Hey Big D. Absolutely in no way was my impression of your voice very “masculine”. If I had to describe it I would say “velvety, smooth with just a hint of confidence (minuscule) and a fat side of bullshit. I am kind of kidding of course. If I read the book, you’re the actor I’d hire for sure. Mainly just to appease my artistic vision of the character. That being said, great show! Tonight, I meant. The cereal episode was brutal but mainly cause you guys fucked up the rankings so bad. Seriously along with the laughs and the good time vibe, I was also moved emotionally (anger) because you touched on some real issues like 9/11. Bananas! Also, Ethan is a great compliment to you both. Comes off as a meep at first (relax, Ethan) but he doesn’t take you’re guys’ shit and it works. And he’s clearly smarter than both of you. A nice balance with him involved. On a serious note, this show is fantastic. Like I told Retep, I wish this is was what my drive to work sounded like.

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